Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kerala Tour Packages

Kerala Tours Overview:

Kerala, dubbed as 'God's Own Country', withholds some of the coveted tourist destinations in India. This southern state of India bears a tropical climate and has plethora of some fascinating places, laid with the treasures of the nature and a traditional culture that is quite unique. The state is one great place for an ideal tropical vacation. Imposing backwaters, stretched out sandy beaches dotted with palm groves, rich wildlife reserves and many historic places accounts for the much popularity of the state as a big tourist place. To harness the gifted resources numerous agencies provide their services and facilities. Tour operators of the state and beyond provide for guided tours through out the state. The services and facilities are often provided as tour packages that includes all the services rendered by the host operator. The tour packages are provided for some specified destinations and that too for a specified time. The services generally include travel and transportation facilities, catering and accommodation, boat rides, cruises, assistance from professional guides, porters and arrangements for brief trips.

Popular Tour Packages of Kerala :

The tour packages provided by the operators are categorized on the basis of tourist destinations and time covered by the tour. There are packages, intensive ones that cover a weeks time. Yet the extensive ones may take a whole fortnight or more. The destinations, however, remain to be the same, those of the important ones in the state. Backwaters, being the best in Kerala, showcase as Backwater Tour Packages and include the popular backwater destinations. Still more, there are places like Kochi (Cochin), Kovalam, Munnar, etc., that see themselves included in the tours. Many tour packages are provided as Tropical Tour Packages, which sometimes include destinations in the neighboring states like Madurai of Tamil Nadu. Some popular tour packages provided for tourist destinations of Kerala are :

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